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File "costumes2.xml"⚓︎

Resource-Folder: Using this file in a resource folder of a mod will replace the original file.

Content-Folder: Using this file in a content folder will add new costumes.

With REPENTOGON, the "id" attribute of a costume with type="none" can now be used to assign that costume to a character or a "null" item/effect from the same mod.

Variable-Name Possible Values Description
id int Assign the same "id" to a type="none" costume and a corresponding "null" item in items.xml to have that "null" item automatically apply the costume, similarly to what could already be done for typical item costumes. See the page for items.xml for more information on "null items".

Setting the "id" of a type="none" costume and the "modcostume" attribute of a character in players.xml to the same number will permanantly apply that costume to that character, like the hair costumes of vanilla characters.

Note that the id used must be at least 1. This id is not the one that will be used in-game, and is only for associating the costume with other things defined in a mod's xmls.
name string used as a general way to identify xml nodes (when this is not present, the filename of the anm2path attribute is used instead)
More Info

For more information about this xml, check the original docs entry here.