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Class "Point"⚓︎

Used for Beam.


Beam ()⚓︎

Point Point ( Vector Position, float SpritesheetCoordinate, float Width = 1.0 )⚓︎


SpritesheetCoordinate is, to our current understanding, the Y position of the spritesheet that should be drawn by the time this Point is reached. For example, two points of 0 and 64 SpritesheetCoordinate will render the spritesheet starting from y 0 to y 64, while an additional third point of 0 will draw it in reverse from y 64 to y 0. Width acts as a multiplier for how wide the beam should be. A non-zero value will scale the spritesheet width accordingly. This is interpolated between points.


GetSpritesheetCoordinate ()⚓︎

float GetSpritesheetCoordinate ( )⚓︎

GetWidth ()⚓︎

float GetWidth ( )⚓︎

GetPosition ()⚓︎

Vector GetPosition ( )⚓︎

SetSpritesheetCoordinate ()⚓︎

void SetSpritesheetCoordinate ( float Height )⚓︎

SetWidth ()⚓︎

void SetWidth ( float Width )⚓︎

SetPosition ()⚓︎

void SetPosition ( Vector Position )⚓︎