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Changes made to the UI⚓︎

Title Screen⚓︎

  • The current REPENTOGON commit hash is displayed above the title screen logo.
  • A scrollable changelog displaying the commit history starting from the currently installed build is accessable by pressing TAB while on the title screen.

Stats Menu⚓︎

The Stats menu now displays a scrollable list of more than 40 stats, including:

  • end-boss kills
  • angel/devil deals taken
  • boss rushs cleared
  • cards/pills used
  • rocks/poop destroyed
  • secret rooms opened
  • dailys played/won
  • ...

Dailies Menu⚓︎

The Dailies menu now displays extended stats, including:

  • Target Goal
  • Total runs
  • Current Streak
  • Target Difficulty

Mods menu⚓︎

The Mods menu now uses a slightly smaller font to render mod names, making it less common for text to render outside the backdrop boundaries.