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Class "EntityPickup"⚓︎

Class Diagram⚓︎

    class Entity:::diagramCurrentPage
    class EntityBomb
    class EntityEffect
    class EntityFamiliar
    class EntityKnife
    class EntityLaser
    class EntityNPC
    class EntityPickup
    class EntityPlayer
    class EntityProjectile
    class EntitySlot
    class EntityTear
    Entity <|-- EntityBomb
    Entity <|-- EntityEffect
    Entity <|-- EntityFamiliar
    Entity <|-- EntityKnife
    Entity <|-- EntityLaser
    Entity <|-- EntityNPC
    Entity <|-- EntityPickup
    Entity <|-- EntityPlayer
    Entity <|-- EntityProjectile
    Entity <|-- EntitySlot
    Entity <|-- EntityTear
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    link EntityEffect "" "Go to page for 'EntityEffect' class"
    link EntityFamiliar "" "Go to page for 'EntityFamiliar' class"
    link EntityKnife "" "Go to page for 'EntityKnife' class"
    link EntityLaser "EntityLaser.html" "Go to page for 'EntityLaser' class"
    link EntityNPC "EntityNPC.html" "Go to page for 'EntityNPC' class"
    link EntityPickup "EntityPickup.html" "Go to page for 'EntityPickup' class"
    link EntityPlayer "EntityPlayer.html" "Go to page for 'EntityPlayer' class"
    link EntityProjectile "" "Go to page for 'EntityProjectile' class"
    link EntitySlot "EntitySlot.html" "Go to page for 'EntitySlot' class"
    link EntityTear "" "Go to page for 'EntityTear' class"


AddCollectibleCycle ()⚓︎

boolean AddCollectibleCycle ( int id )⚓︎

CanReroll ()⚓︎

boolean CanReroll ( )⚓︎

GetAlternatePedestal ()⚓︎

int GetAlternatePedestal ( )⚓︎

GetCollectibleCycle ()⚓︎

CollectibleType[] GetCollectibleCycle ( )⚓︎

Returns a table of all CollectibleTypes being used inside its collectible cycle (i.e. Cracked Crown).

GetDropDelay ()⚓︎

int GetDropDelay ( )⚓︎

GetLootList ()⚓︎

LootList GetLootList ( )⚓︎

Returns a read-only version of the pickup's LootList. Loot inside pickups can be seen through use of the Guppy's Eye collectible.

GetPickupGhost ()⚓︎

EntityEffect GetPickupGhost ( )⚓︎

Returns the EffectVariant.PICKUP_GHOST EntityEffect visible through Guppy's Eye. If not visible, returns nil.

GetPriceSprite ()⚓︎

Sprite GetPriceSprite ( )⚓︎

GetRandomPickupVelocity ()⚓︎

Vector GetRandomPickupVelocity ( Vector Position, RNG RNG = nil, int VelocityType = 0 )⚓︎

VelocityType seems to only affect pickups in Challenge Rooms, causing them to have a weaker velocity.


This is a static function and must be called via EntityPickup.GetRandomPickupVelocity(Position, RNG, VelocityType).

GetVarData ()⚓︎

int GetVarData ( )⚓︎

IsBlind ()⚓︎

boolean IsBlind ( )⚓︎

Returns true if the pickup is a collectible pedestal and is hidden. Always returns false for non-collectible EntityPickups.


This value does not account for curse of the blind, it only reflects the blind state of pickups that are normally blind without curses involved. Ex: alt path's extra item.

MakeShopItem ()⚓︎

void MakeShopItem ( int ShopItemID )⚓︎

RemoveCollectibleCycle ()⚓︎

void RemoveCollectibleCycle ( )⚓︎

SetAlternatePedestal ()⚓︎

void SetAlternatePedestal ( int PedestalType )⚓︎

Sets the graphics of the item pedestal. Does nothing for non-collectible EntityPickups.

SetDropDelay ()⚓︎

void SetDropDelay ( int Delay )⚓︎

SetForceBlind ()⚓︎

void SetForceBlind ( boolean SetBlind )⚓︎

Hides pedestal items similar to Curse of the Blind. Does nothing for non-collectible EntityPickups.

SetNewOptionsPickupIndex ()⚓︎

int SetNewOptionsPickupIndex ( )⚓︎

Returns the new pickup index.

SetVarData ()⚓︎

void SetVarData ( int VarData )⚓︎

TryFlip ()⚓︎

boolean TryFlip ( )⚓︎

Will try to flip the collectible, such as when using the Flip item on a collectible pedestal with a second, holographic collectible present behind the first one. Returns true if successful, false otherwise or if used on non-collectible EntityPickups.

TryInitOptionCycle ()⚓︎

boolean TryInitOptionCycle ( int NumCycle )⚓︎

Causes the collectible pedestal to start cycling through the specified amount of collectibles, including its own collectible type.

TryRemoveCollectible ()⚓︎

boolean TryRemoveCollectible ( )⚓︎

Attempts to remove the collectible from an item pedestal.

Returns true if a collectible was successfully removed from the pedestal. Returns false if the pedestal was already empty, or if called on a non-collectible EntityPickup.

UpdatePickupGhost ()⚓︎

void UpdatePickupGhost ( )⚓︎

Updates the EffectVariant.PICKUP_GHOST EntityEffect in accordance to the pickup's current LootList