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Class "EntityTear"⚓︎

Class Diagram⚓︎

    class Entity:::diagramCurrentPage
    class EntityBomb
    class EntityEffect
    class EntityFamiliar
    class EntityKnife
    class EntityLaser
    class EntityNPC
    class EntityPickup
    class EntityPlayer
    class EntityProjectile
    class EntitySlot
    class EntityTear
    Entity <|-- EntityBomb
    Entity <|-- EntityEffect
    Entity <|-- EntityFamiliar
    Entity <|-- EntityKnife
    Entity <|-- EntityLaser
    Entity <|-- EntityNPC
    Entity <|-- EntityPickup
    Entity <|-- EntityPlayer
    Entity <|-- EntityProjectile
    Entity <|-- EntitySlot
    Entity <|-- EntityTear
    link Entity "" "Go to page for 'Entity' class"
    link EntityBomb "" "Go to page for 'EntityBomb' class"
    link EntityEffect "" "Go to page for 'EntityEffect' class"
    link EntityFamiliar "" "Go to page for 'EntityFamiliar' class"
    link EntityKnife "" "Go to page for 'EntityKnife' class"
    link EntityLaser "EntityLaser.html" "Go to page for 'EntityLaser' class"
    link EntityNPC "EntityNPC.html" "Go to page for 'EntityNPC' class"
    link EntityPickup "EntityPickup.html" "Go to page for 'EntityPickup' class"
    link EntityPlayer "EntityPlayer.html" "Go to page for 'EntityPlayer' class"
    link EntityProjectile "" "Go to page for 'EntityProjectile' class"
    link EntitySlot "EntitySlot.html" "Go to page for 'EntitySlot' class"
    link EntityTear "" "Go to page for 'EntityTear' class"

Modified Functions⚓︎

ResetSpriteScale ()⚓︎

void ResetSpriteScale ( boolean Force = false )⚓︎

Now accepts a Force argument to force the tear into re-evaluating what tear scale animation it should play.


GetDeadEyeIntensity ()⚓︎

float GetDeadEyeIntensity ( )⚓︎

Returns the intensity value of the tear as a result of the Dead Eye collectible. It is between 0 and 1.

GetDeadEyeSprite ()⚓︎

Sprite GetDeadEyeSprite ( )⚓︎

Returns the red aura sprite used by the Dead Eye collectible.

GetTearEffectSprite ()⚓︎

Sprite GetTearEffectSprite ( )⚓︎

Returns the tear effect sprite used by tear variants like Fire Mind and Mysterious Liquid.

GetTearHaloSprite ()⚓︎

Sprite GetTearHaloSprite ( )⚓︎

Returns the tear halo sprite used by Godhead tears.

MakeMultidimensionalCopy ()⚓︎

EntityTear MakeMultidimensionalCopy ( )⚓︎

Copies the tear and applies a black and white effect to it. This effect is the same one used by the Multidimensional Baby familiar.