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Class "Game"⚓︎

Modified Functions⚓︎

GetLastDevilRoomStage ()⚓︎

LevelStage GetLastDevilRoomStage ( )⚓︎

Now returns integer instead of unusable userdata.

GetLastLevelWithDamage ()⚓︎

LevelStage GetLastLevelWithDamage ( )⚓︎

Now returns integer instead of unusable userdata.

GetLastLevelWithoutHalfHp ()⚓︎

LevelStage GetLastLevelWithoutHalfHp ( )⚓︎

Now returns integer instead of unusable userdata.

GetPlayer ()⚓︎

EntityPlayer GetPlayer ( int Index )⚓︎

If no players exist, this now returns nil to prevent a crash. Invalid indexes will return index 0.

Move·To·Random·Room ()⚓︎

void MoveToRandomRoom ( boolean IAmErrorRoom, int Seed, EntityPlayer Player )⚓︎

Now no longer crashes the game when given a seed equal 0.

StartStageTransition ()⚓︎

void StartStageTransition ( boolean SameStage, int TransitionOverride, EntityPlayer Player = nil )⚓︎

Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred due to an incorrect call on the C++ side. Player is now optional (will default to GetPlayer(0)).


AchievementUnlocksDisallowed ()⚓︎

boolean AchievementUnlocksDisallowed ( )⚓︎

Returns true if achievements can't be unlocked this run (challenges, seeded, etc).

AddDebugFlags ()⚓︎

void AddDebugFlags ( DebugFlag Flag )⚓︎

Adds a debug flag to the game. Multiple can be added simultaneously with bitwise concatenation (e.g. DebugFlag.ENTITY_POSITIONS | DebugFlag.HITSPHERES).

AddShopVisits ()⚓︎

void AddShopVisits ( int Count )⚓︎

Adds the amount of shops the player has entered this run.

ClearErasedEnemies ()⚓︎

void ClearErasedEnemies ( )⚓︎

Clears out all enemies listed as an erased enemy, allowing them to spawn again.

DevolveEnemy ()⚓︎

void DevolveEnemy ( Entity )⚓︎

Devolves an enemy, as if the item D10 was used on it.

GetChallengeParams ()⚓︎

ChallengeParam GetChallengeParams ( )⚓︎

GetCurrentColorModifier ()⚓︎

ColorModifier GetCurrentColorModifier ( )⚓︎

Gets a copy of the color correction introduced in Repentance. This stores the raw values currently being used (which can be affected by items such as Astral Projection) and not what the room is set to use (see FXParams.ColorModifier for this).

GetDebugFlags ()⚓︎

int GetDebugFlags ( )⚓︎

Returns a DebugFlag bitmask.

GetDizzyAmount ()⚓︎

int GetDizzyAmount ( )⚓︎

Returns the current dizzy amount akin to Wavy Cap


Currently this function only returns 0. Using SetDizzyAmount or the Wavy Cap collectible has no effect on this function.

GetLerpColorModifier ()⚓︎

ColorModifier GetLerpColorModifier ( )⚓︎

Returns the lerped color modifier. This is formatted as the absolute rate of change (ie, all values are positive).

GetPauseMenuState ()⚓︎

PauseMenuStates GetPauseMenuState ( )⚓︎

GetPlanetariumsVisited ()⚓︎

int GetPlanetariumsVisited ( )⚓︎

Returns the amount of planetariums the player has entered this run.

GetShopVisits ()⚓︎

int GetShopVisits ( )⚓︎

Returns the amount of shops the player has entered this run.

GetTargetColorModifier ()⚓︎

ColorModifier GetTargetColorModifier ( )⚓︎

Returns the target ColorModifier. If currently lerping between two ColorModifier states, returns the target state. It is otherwise the same as GetCurrentColorModifier.

IsErased ()⚓︎

boolean IsErased ( Entity Entity )⚓︎

boolean IsErased ( int Type, int Variant = -1, int SubType = -1 )⚓︎

Checks if an entity was erased.

IsGreedBoss ()⚓︎

boolean IsGreedBoss ( )⚓︎

Returns true if the next or current wave is a boss wave. Returns false otherwise or if not in Greed Mode.

IsGreedFinalBoss ()⚓︎

boolean IsGreedFinalBoss ( )⚓︎

Returns true if the next or current wave is the optional "nightmare" wave. Returns false otherwise or if not in Greed Mode.

IsHardMode ()⚓︎

boolean IsHardMode ( )⚓︎

Returns true if current mode is Hard Mode or Greedier.

IsPauseMenuOpen ()⚓︎

boolean IsPauseMenuOpen ( )⚓︎

Returns true if the pause menu is open.

IsRerun ()⚓︎

boolean IsRerun ( )⚓︎

Returns true if the current run is a rerun.

SetBloom ()⚓︎

void SetBloom ( float Duration, float Amount )⚓︎

SetColorModifier ()⚓︎

void SetColorModifier ( ColorModifier ColorModifier, boolean Lerp = true, float Rate = 0.015 )⚓︎

SetDizzyAmount ()⚓︎

void SetDizzyAmount ( float Amount , float Intensity)⚓︎

Sets the dizzy amount akin to Wavy Cap.

Amount is the amount that the screen will be affected. Screen will slowly reach the desired intensity. Also works in reverse if current intensity is higher than the Amount.

Intensity is the starting intensity of the effect.


Best to stay within 0-1 and increment by 0.1 while using this function. 1 has the most extreme effect on the screen while 0 removes the effect.

SetDonationModAngel ()⚓︎

void SetDonationModAngel ( int Amount )⚓︎

SetDonationModGreed ()⚓︎

void SetDonationModGreed ( int Amount )⚓︎

ShowGenericLeaderboard ()⚓︎

void ShowGenericLeaderboard ( )⚓︎

SpawnBombCrater ()⚓︎

Entity SpawnBombCrater ( Vector Position, float Radius = 1.0 )⚓︎