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General changes to the game or game engine⚓︎

In addition to the API changes listed in the docs, REPENTOGON makes the following general behavior changes to the game:

Lua 5.4⚓︎

The API has been ported to use Lua 5.4 instead of 5.3.

  • The generational garbage collector from 5.4 has been enabled by default, allowing for a significant performance boost.
  • We have (tentative) plans to migrate to LuaJIT in the future, which is not fully compatible with 5.4 (or even 5.2, for that matter). As a result, we ask that mods refrain from relying on any Lua 5.4-specific functionality.

Game Window⚓︎

The Game window now displays the current build version and commit hash of REPENTOGON in its name.