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Global Class "EntityConfig"⚓︎


These functions can be accessed via the EntityConfig global table.

Note that to call these functions, you must use a . (period) instead of a : (colon)!

Example Code
local gaperConfig = EntityConfig.GetEntity(EntityType.ENTITY_GAPER)


GetBaby ()⚓︎

EntityConfigBaby GetBaby ( BabySubType Type )⚓︎

Returns nil if there is no co-op baby with the given ID.

GetEntity ()⚓︎

EntityConfigEntity GetEntity ( EntityType Type, int Variant = -1, int SubType = -1 )⚓︎

Returns nil if no entity exists with the specified Type.

Providing Variant and/or SubType is optional. If a non-existent Variant/SubType is requested, returns the base version of that entity.

GetMaxBabyID ()⚓︎

int GetMaxBabyID ( )⚓︎

Returns the highest ID (corresponds to SubType) currently assigned to a valid co-op baby.

GetMaxPlayerType ()⚓︎

int GetMaxPlayerType ( )⚓︎

Returns the highest PlayerType currently assigned to a valid character.

GetPlayer ()⚓︎

EntityConfigPlayer GetPlayer ( PlayerType PlayerType )⚓︎

Returns nil if no character exists with the specified PlayerType.