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Class "PersistentGameData"⚓︎


You can get this class by using the following functions:

Example Code
local persistentGameData = Isaac.GetPersistentGameData()

This class' functions should not be called until the game fully initializes! Make sure not to try using them outside of callbacks


GetBestiaryDeathCount ()⚓︎

int GetBestiaryDeathCount ( int Type, int Variant )⚓︎

GetBestiaryEncounterCount ()⚓︎

int GetBestiaryEncounterCount ( int Type, int Variant )⚓︎

GetBestiaryKillCount ()⚓︎

int GetBestiaryKillCount ( int Type, int Variant )⚓︎

GetEventCounter ()⚓︎

int GetEventCounter ( EventCounter EventCounter )⚓︎

IncreaseEventCounter ()⚓︎

void IncreaseEventCounter ( EventCounter EventCounter, int Count )⚓︎

IsChallengeCompleted ()⚓︎

boolean IsChallengeCompleted ( Challenge ChallengeId )⚓︎

Checks if a challenge is completed.

IsItemInCollection ()⚓︎

boolean IsItemInCollection ( CollectibleType CollectibleId )⚓︎

Checks if an item is in the collection. Aka. its at least picked up once in any run.

TryUnlock ()⚓︎

boolean TryUnlock ( Achievement Unlock, boolean BlockPaperPopup = false )⚓︎

Returns true if successful, false if unlocking failed or the secret was already unlocked.

Setting BlockPaperPopup to true prevents popping up the achievement paper for modded achievements.

Unlocked ()⚓︎

boolean Unlocked ( Achievement Unlock )⚓︎

Checks if achievement is unlocked.