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Global Class "ProceduralItemManager"⚓︎


You can get this class by using the ProceduralItemManager global table.

Note that to call these functions, you must use a . (period) instead of a : (colon)!

Example Code
local pItem = ProceduralItemManager.GetProceduralItem(0)


CreateProceduralItem ()⚓︎

int CreateProceduralItem ( int Seed, int Unknown )⚓︎

Creates a glitch item based on a given seed. Returns the negative ID of the created item.

GetProceduralItem ()⚓︎

ProceduralItem GetProceduralItem ( int Index )⚓︎

Get the glitch item at the given index.

GetProceduralItemCount ()⚓︎

int GetProceduralItemCount ( )⚓︎