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Class "AnimationData"⚓︎

Cached data for one animation from a loaded ANM2 file. Shared by all Sprites using the same ANM2 and cannot be modified.

Can be obtained via Sprite:GetAnimationData(), Sprite:GetCurrentAnimationData() or Sprite:GetOverlayAnimationData().


GetAllLayers ()⚓︎

AnimationLayer[] GetAllLayers ( )⚓︎

Returns a table of AnimationLayers, in order from bottom to top (NOT ordered by layer ID).

GetLayer ()⚓︎

AnimationLayer GetLayer ( int LayerId )⚓︎

Gets an AnimationLayer by that layer's ID number.

GetLength ()⚓︎

int GetLength ( )⚓︎

Length of this animation in frames.

GetName ()⚓︎

string GetName ( )⚓︎

IsLoopingAnimation ()⚓︎

boolean IsLoopingAnimation ( )⚓︎